A Herds Story


The dry deserts lay to the north, where the sun never seems to set, the nights can be cold, but otherwise all is dry and warm

Tall majestic peaks covered in snow all year round cover the whole southern end of the island, high cliffs prevent any from entering the south from the ocean. 

Between the snowy mountains and the blazing desert is a land of tall growing trees, fields of green grass, flowing rivers and rolling hills. The land here seems to be in balance with everything, however both see all the seasons differently, unlike the north and south.

You walk with an easy pace, eyes wandering as you survey your surroundings. You were washed ashore from lands far away, and have now ended up on a large island. The scenery here is clean; green hills of grass sway with the soft breeze, and the tall majestic trees let their leaves dance with the wind. To the north is a golden area of soft sand, and to the south are tall peaks the stretch to reach the dark clouds above them. You continue walking, going wherever your legs take you, and then a mare comes before you, she is decorated with two antlers and many weird necklaces, flowers and vines hanging from her rack. She watches you with intelligent golden eyes and then she bows her head to you.

"Welcome to Kamitina" She greets you, her voice is musical and carries the feeling of power. "I am Zusiria, creator and guardian of these lands. You have the choice to live in the northern desert, the western grasslands, the eastern woodlands or the southern mountains" She begins to explain, and as she does she points in the direction of each area, letting your eyes take in the different areas for a moment, and then her voice fills the air once more, "In each land there are many herds, all competing or fighting to become the ultimate herd of their area, you must now choose where you want to live and with who you will help to become the ultimate herd." With nothing else to say, the antlered mare motions with a dip of her head, mimicking the movement of a bow and then turns and leaves, when you blink slightly, she seems to be all but a memory in your mind and you wonder if you were merely dreaming or it had in fact happened.


Now the question remains, North, South, East or West? And what herd? 

AHS is a semi-realistic Equin RPG, where we allow out players to mostly decide and run things. We allow mythical equines along with coloured equines. Please make sure to read the rules before joining/posting, if any questions arise dont be shy to ask any member of staff. And most importantly, have fun!